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Monday, June 6, 2011

Ayam Lemak Merah dengan Carrot


Hi there! Anybody miss me? Ahahaha... as if! Doubt anyone actually realise that I had been missing from the blogging world for almost a week. Hahaha... Anyway, let me just tell you why I had not been around much....walaupun tak ada orang tanya, tapi sebab mama ni peramah, mama nak citer gak... tak kira....

Besides, being hectic with everyday's chores, I had not been cooking much. Didn't try any new recipes last week and I am out of source to post. But those were just excuses... the fact is, I got carried away watching YouTube. What did I watch? Penganten Remaja featuring Christian Sugiono as Fabian and Alyssa Soebandono as Amel. What actually attracted me to watch is Fabian *wink* *wink*. Hahaha... pecah ko rahsia mama... But frankly speaking, can't stand the annoying Eric and Bu Farida.... maaf pak, maaf bukkk.... hehehehee.... Thank God I'm done watching the movie and I think I am going to rest for a while. Had enough for the time being... And owh... I've finished watching Safa dan Marwah too... Alhamdulillah... I'm free now!!!

I can now sit back and enjoy my novel....Baju Pengantin Mak Andam.......


Posted by MamaFaMi

Ingredients :

1/2 chicken - cut to 8 pieces
1 1/2 cups thin coconut milk
1 cup thick coconut milk
2 stalk lemongrass - bruised
1 carrot - sliced
1 dried tamarind skin

salt to taste
cooking oil

To be minced :

2 - 3 fresh red chillies
4 bird eye chillie
4 shallots
2 garlic
1 inch ginger
1 inci roasted dried shrimp paste

Method :

1. Heat oil in a pot. Add in the minced ingredients together with the lemon grass on medium heat and let the paste cooked.
2. Add in thin coconut milk and let it boil for a while.
3. Add in chicken and dried tamarind skin. Let the chicken cooked.
4. Add in salt to taste and carrots.
5. Pour in the thick coconut milk and stir for a while.
6. Remove from heat and ready to serve with plain white rice.

Have a nice day everyone!


  1. Salam.. Mama ita suka lauk ni.. Dulu waktu mkn kat kedai kalau ada lauk mcm ni mesti ambil..:)

  2. Knock knock Asalamualaikum.....memang lama menghilang buat kita ternanti nati entry mama ...hihi sekarang dah ada. Mama lauk nie kesukaan akak tau nanti masak lebih sikit ye boleh antar sini.

  3. Hi MamaFami, your ayam lemak looks really delicious.
    This is a sure tiga pinggan nasi disappearing act, ha ha.
    Ada sambal belachan?
    You have fun and keep well.

  4. Mamaaaaaaaaaaa....assalamualaikum...muaaahhh, muaaahh, muaaahhh...miss you a lot dear! How I wish to hug n kiss you...! Waaaaaaaaa...keji tau...tengok movie sampai habis slot demi slot...dulu Korea, now dah Indon pulak...aduuuhh doonggg..kaget guee..hehehe

  5. glad to see u're back :) very nice chicken dish, Mama! thks for sharing :)

  6. Hi kak! Hru doing??? Hehe me too missing in action...;)

    That chicken is calling calling me!!- ;)

  7. i miss u mama....huhuhu
    nasib ada menu2 sedap, dpt le pengubat rindu....

    hrni mau masak ketam + carrot le..heheheh

  8. As'salam Mama

    Sedap ni kalau masak untuk lunch. Selalunya kalau menu ayam, semua jarang nak menolak. Bolehlah masak lauk ayam macam mama punya ni look delicious.

    Mama..novel Baju Pengantin Mak Andam sape penulisnya. nak cari gak untuk menambah koleksi novel kat rumah..hihihi

  9. Salam mama...i miss u lah!!
    Mcm sedap jer ayam lemak merah ngan carot tu tak pernah buat lagi pasni nak try menu rasa terliur tgok pict mama ni...hehehe

    I'm loving u otw...

  10. salam ma..
    ma merajuk ke sampai bersawang umah tu(kata org kita pun lebih kurang gak)
    lauk tu klu tukar dgn daging pun best kan.

  11. wahhhhh...mengancamnya ayam tu mama...


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