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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Burger Rolls

I had written the following entry this morning, but didn't get the chance to post it earlier as I was VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY busy today. In and out of the house, that I had wished I don't have to go out, which is out of the norm for MamaFaMi! Hahahaha..... This is because, hubby is around and we had a lot of things to settle. Alhamdulillah managed to settle all of them.... Now I can just doze off in peace... good night..... enjoy the entry... I'm gone....*yawnnnn*


Mama had been behaving quite well lately. Never sleep later than midnight. Normally by 11 pm, I am gone! I don't know why, but these few days I'll start feeling sleepy very early. Mmmmm agaknya Hari Mengantuk Sedunia kot! Even Kak Ana who doesn't sleep in the afternoon, can doze off nicely, and not just a short nap! That's what she told me! Is it the weather, or is it me getting 'younger'! Hahaha...

The goodness of sleeping early is, I can wake up in the morning feeling fresh. But the not so good thing about having 'enough' sleep for me is I tend to get lazy. How I hate that feeling! But then again, despite that lousy feeling, I tend to do more experiments than when I am my usual self! Hohoho... MamaFaMi is getting more and more complicated, even she can't understand herself!

Yesterday, I made three experiments. All three were certified 'LOVELY' by Syahmi Sdn Bhd. Why sendirian berhad? Because he ate most of it by himself. I just got to taste a bit, so that I am able to write the report here. Allow me to post the first experiment today. It'll be this Burger Bun courtesy of Hana budak yang tak reti dok diam tu in Japan. And she got the recipe from Ros. Thank you to both lovely ladies for the recipe shared. I made some adjustments to the original recipe to suit whatever's available in my stock.


Ingredients :

300 g all purpose flour
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons milk powder
1 ½ teaspoons instant dried yeast
1 egg (medium) ~ slightly beaten. Set aside a small amount for glazing.
2 tablespoons margarine
100 ml fresh milk
50 ml lukewarm water
2 tablespoons water roux
enough sesame seeds

Glaze :

Slightly beaten egg + 1 teaspoon fresh milk + a few drops of honey (for a shiny look)

Bread Maker method :

1. Pour the lukewarm water and milk into the bread maker pan.
2. Add in water roux, egg, sugar and salt.
3. Top it with flour, milk powder and instant dried yeast.
4. Set the bread maker to Dough setting. Once the dough is just combined, add in the margarine. Let the Bread Maker continues it's job which will takes about 1 1/2 hour to finish the cycle.
5. Remove the dough from the bread maker. Divide into 70g dough each. Make into a ball and let it rest for 10 minutes.
6. Shape the dough into round balls and flatten it slightly to make the burger rolls.
7. Leave to prove for another 1/2 hour or so.
8. Brush the rolls with the glaze and sprinkle with sesame seeds.
9. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 C for 15 minutes.
10. Open the oven door and spray the rolls with a bit of water. This is to ensure the sesame seeds stay attached to the rolls.
11. Bake for another 10 minutes or till rolls are done.
12. Remove from oven and brush with a bit of margarine, once out of the oven.

This is not the end of this Burger Rolls story! Stay tuned!


  1. Salam ma! alaaaaaa..sume org dah tyg bugernyer roti kita malas sikitlah sbb kat sini ada yg halal tp kureng ler rasa dia nak kena cuba jugak resepi ni..

  2. roti ni ngan roti kedai mana lagi lembut? lagi lembut lagi sedap makan burger..

  3. sapelah mak budak yg tk gheti duk diam tuh ma erk?? ishhh ishhhhhhh..... hehe

  4. ijayuji :
    Waalaikumussalam Ika. Sini pun ada roti burger juga tapi dek sebab geram dengan roti si Hana dan geram dengan si Hana gak sebab asik menyiksa mata mama, ma buatlah juga.... hihihi...

    ziedazzle :
    Sama je lembutnya... kalau lembut sangat sangat pun, buat burger tak syok...

    hana :
    Hmmmmm eennnntahlah ye......sapa agaknya? Lu pikirrrrr la sendiri.... hihihi...

  5. sungguh rajin buat roti,


  6. Ha..aa...sama2lah korang tak duduk diam2..kita nak duduk diam2 tengok jer..hehe!...Mama Burger satu!

  7. tunbegia :
    Waalaikumussalam Tunbegia. Terima kasih kerana sudi berkunjung ke mari. Rajin mama ni ada musimnya...

    Watierman, rmanbkr :
    Tau tak Watie, masa ma baca komen Watie (especially the first part tu), ma dok imagine Watie cekak pinggang dan jegil mata kat ma dan Hana yang sedang terkebil-kebil ni... hahahaha... ada tokoh leh berlakon watak mak tiri ni! Muahahahahaha.....

  8. mama..kite pon da msuk list resepi roti ni..tggal nk buat je lagi..harap2 jadi:)

    rupanya meroti ni pon boleh bikin kite ketagihlah..keje nk meroti jek kite rasa..

  9. saya ada bm tapi baru sekali pakai hmmm... takde manual. tak berapa reti nak operate. beli 2nd hand dari kawan. empress brand, cosway punya. mama ajar boleh?

  10. Salam Mama...
    Tak kan roti je kak.....Burger..burgerr mana...? he he he

  11. salam mamafami, wah dah buat juga ye roti beger ni, ros suke sbb senang resepinya, tp mamafami nye lagi gebus lah, geram tgk hihi..harap bergunalah tips nak kilatkan roti tu ye...hihi...


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