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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

American Chocolate Cake

Hello everyone....

Just hoping that everyone is keeping well, where ever you maybe. Trully sorry for the silence. I was busy and life had been hectic. Fatin was home for a 6 days break and Syahmi had a long holiday during PMR, went to school for a couple of days then back to holiday mood for Deepavali till Tuesday. When Fatin is around, my job as a driver will be doubled and sometimes tripled. Tuitions, shoppings and whatnots. At the same time, I had orders for cookies and cupcakes as well and not to mention open house to attend to... Hahaha... I am just exaggerating, to make it sound that I am slightly busier than the Prime Minister! Muahahaha....

I had prepared 3 types of cookies as per Amy's order, one of which is a new recipe. Will post that in my later entries, if I do not forget.
Congratulations Amy on your registration. May you guys live happily ever after!

Don't forget to share with me the photos of your big day okay. You're no longer a Miss but now a Mrs to Mr Right.... *wink* *wink* And I made this American Chocolate Cake (recipe will be posted later) for Amy and her ex-fiance (now dear hubby!). Thank you for your feedback. I guess I have to bake one for us to taste later on...

Our neighbour Asmah and Sufi had invited us for lunch last Sunday. It was like a last minute invitation and I was left with so little time to prepare something to bring along. Luckily I still have some tart shells in my stock and ended up preparing some fruit tartlets for them, with Fatin's help of course (kena tulis ni... kalau tak nanti dia demand pulak! Muahahahaha). Alhamdulillah the fruit tarts were much to their likings.

After the lunch at Asmah's , Fatin and me sat down to work. We have to deco 100 mini cupcakes. Fatin wanted to sponsor a school event. She had told her friends that SHE's going to prepare the cupcakes but I ended up baking them all! But I made sure she did half the deco as she had promised her friends. I did the other half. These were our 'work of art'. Hahaha... What do you think?

Oki doki, enough of that, let's move on to the recipe. As promised, here's the recipe of the cake which I took from MaDiHaA's Fotopages and she got it from one of her cake books authored by Chef Wendy Kor. Thank you to both ladies for making this cake possible...
Note : I am sorry, I made a mistake earlier on. I posted the wrong recipe for the photo. The recipe that I had posted before this has not been tested in my kitchen. My sincere apologies for all the inconvenience caused.

Source : Chef Wendy Kor

Ingredients :


20 g chocolate emulco
50g cocoa powder
200ml lukewarm water

250g butter
280g castor sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt

240g eggs (4 grade A eggs)
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

(D) - to be sifted
250g flour
1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate soda
1 teaspoon baking powder

Method :

1. Mix well all the ingredients in A. Set aside.
2. Cream ingredients B. Add in ingredients C.
3. Pour in ingredients A and finally cut and fold the sifted ingredients D.
4. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 C for 50 to 60 minutes in a sized 9 inch tin, lined with greaseproof paper.

Note :
The temperature of the oven and the time for baking may differ according to your oven.

Happy baking and take care!


  1. Wife PM pun x bz cenggini tau..ehhehehe.....
    igt dah stt wat kukis raya aji....ghopernyer org pya....hahah...
    i jer lum try kek ceklat nih....:)

  2. lain eh ma resepi american choc cake yg sy buat aritu? lain sket kot.. hehe.. malas nak belek resepi...
    byknyer xtvt baking mama.... mcm2 adoo.. mmg rajin tahap gaban le mama ni...

  3. mama,
    mintak sket fruit tart tu bleh tak?

  4. ee mmg nak belajar sesungguh la buat fruit tart tu..bleh tlg ajarkan? hehehe

  5. fuyoo mama...mcm umah dh tukar jd bakery betul ni..mcm2 buat nampak..ekekeke..kek ceklat tu best ek...masuk list dulu lah..kna cr org yg sanggup makan dulu..hahahhaa

  6. mamafami dearie .... :-) thanks for applying for the job .. permohonan anda di dalam pertimbangan . hehe .... waa.. fatin pun ank buat mini cupcakes.. ok la tu ... best kan deco mini cuppies ... comel lote aje kan kan kan .....

  7. Salam Mama...
    Dah lama tak singgah dapur mama ni...ingatkan salah rumah rupanya wpaper baru...
    fruit tat tu rasa nak ngap je..hi.hi
    rajin anak dara mama tlg deco..senang mama dah ada asst.

  8. wah senanglah mama dah ade pembantu...lepas ni lebat lagilah terima tempahan yek...

    teringin gak tu nak buat fruit tart...baru2 ni buat cheese tart...yummy!

  9. Jasmeen :
    Raya Haji entah buat kukis ntah tidak... hehehe...

    MaDiHaA :
    Sorry MaDiHaA, sebenarnya yang mama experiment ni kek yang MaDiHaA tepek tu... tersilap taip resepi pulak tadi. Mama dah betulkan dah...

    ummu_hanis :
    Haiya... sudah habis aaa... nanti ummu_hanis datang, boleh buat lain ye...

    nizaa :
    Senang aje buat fruit tarts ni Nizaa. Rasanya pun enak banget!

    Jun :
    Ala, rumah ni once in a blue moon je jadi ala ala bakery cam ni... selalunya, dapur tak berasap pun! Ahakss...

    D.a.a.l.i.a :
    MMmm dipertimbangkan eh? Ala...sah sah reject tu! Hahahaha... Ha ah, kita suruh dia deco sendiri sebab itupun cuppies untuk sekolah dia. Dan dia yang cakap kat kenkawan dia, dia nak deco... hah amek ko...

    Mamasya :
    Waalaikumussalam Mamasya. Hari tu ada terrajin sket, tu yang tukar wallpaper rumah ni... Mama pun suka makan fruit tarts ni, sedap. Anak dara tu kenalah rajin, sebab cupcakes tu dia yang punya! Hahaha....

    Fiza Nordin :
    Mana ada assistant Fiza oi. Dia dok asrama. Dia jadi assistant hari tu pun, pasal cupcakes tu dia yang punya. Pas tu dia dah pukul canang, dia nak deco. So kenalah dia kotakan janji dia.

  10. Dear mamafami, I read that you keep stock of your tart shells. May I know how long can they be kept in air-tight containers? I never tried keeping them. Appreciate your experience sharing. Thanks.

  11. mmmm...yummy! Must try out this one. Thanks Sis for the recipe.

  12. salam mamafami..aduss cantik sungguh cc dan tart tu...
    nanti nak trylah roti sosej dan kek tu..minta halal ye c & p resepi..sebenarnya kamu duduk kat mana?

  13. last night, i tried this recipe.
    my cuppy choc turn well...

    ehmmm guna resepi choc cake kat atas nih tapi isi dalam kertas cupcake...sedap...

    boleh wat lain kali

  14. Ma, looks so soft n yummy...wud like to try it soonest...Rasanya dah lama pulak x baking nih! Hehe..Tengok pada tempahan tu..mst Ma bz sakan eh..hehe..xpa, duit mashyuuuuukkk.. ^_^

  15. Salam mama!! kita mintak izin link ya mama, lagiiiiii byk kek2 kat sini :-)

  16. salam mama... thanks vote untuk baby :)

    * umie ikut je apa yang dia nak buat asalkan tidak menyalahi... kan... ;)

  17. Hello Mama Fami, saya nak kawain again, you boleh buat those cupcakes for me?
    Nak chari spare isteri, da la influenced by P. Ramli's Madu Tiga, heh heh heh.

    Ni chari pasal, nanti kena Magnum PI tangkap gambars send to my office, habis cherita, arhaaa ha ha.
    Have a great weekend Mama your kuehs.
    You very talented, banyak talents, any other talents I don't know about?....where were you when I was handing out my resume? Heh heh. Lee.

  18. ish busy betul mamafami.... BTW suka cupcake tu simple look.....

    niyati pun baru terjebak ngan cupcakes...

  19. salam mamafami...perghhh!! xleh tahan tgk kek cekelat n fruit tart tuh!!kalu ada belen lagi poskan cikit ke selayang ni ek...hehe!

    I don't normally keep lots of tarts shells in stock. Just the left overs and I must say, so far, I've tried keeping some for a month (as an experiment) and they are still good. Try keeping a few pieces in an air tight container and see.

    Kak Ungku Betty :
    Most welcome dear...

    kak ina kl :
    Waalaikumussalam Kak Ina..terima kasih banyak-banyak for your kind words. Kita dok kat area Subang Jaya..

    Cik_Azera :
    Alhamdulillah your experiment was successful. And thank you for letting us know that this recipe is also suitable to be made into cuppy cakes.

    Ummi :
    Ala Ummi, tempahan mendenya... itu anak sendiri 'tempah' tarak mashyukkkk la... kluuuuuaaarrrr aja ada! Hihihi... Tapi keseronokan tu yang penting... dapat gak selet menyelet....

    ijayuji :
    Waalaikumussalam ijayuji. Terima kasih kerana sudi nak link mama. Kembang rasa hati... hehehe....

    umi_e :
    Waalaikumussalam. Most welcome Umi. Just a small matter. Hope she wins...

    Uncle Lee :
    HAHHHHHHH NAK KAWIN LAGI? Aiyoo Uncle Lee, you're alone in this okay. I tak masuk campur aa. Nanti your Mrs kejar I dengan penyapu tau sebab subahat (accomplice) dengan you dalam this plan! Adoi tak mau cari pasal oo.. Being an XXL sized lady, I punya larian pecut (sprint), baru gear 2 la Uncle Lee while your wife can lari gear 6!!! Haha... you keep well Uncle Lee...

    yatie :
    Happy belated birthday Yatie. Ala sibuk sesikit je. Baguslah Yatie pun dah mula business cuppies ye...

    inahar ali :
    Waalaikumussalam Ina. Psst.. mama pun tak tahan tengok fruit tarts tu sebenarnya sebab selalunya kalau buat, dapat rasa seketul dua je. Tak puas. Lenkali nak buat lelebih sket, nak makan sensorang! Bley cam tu? Hehehe....

  21. Arhaaa ha ha ha, love your humour, Mama Fami...
    bila kita boleh pergi Smoke House inn, your gang included? Not to mention XXL. Ha ha.
    Hey, a woman is still a woman.

    Have fun cooking....kalu you buat donuts or upside down pineapple cake, hantar saya telegram...siap kan iced kopi I take bus come over. Lee.

  22. Uncle Lee :
    About the Smoke House Inn, can I request to change the venue tak Uncle Lee? What say if we go to Kenny Rogers instead? Together with my gerabak okay.... Hahahaha... just kiding! I've served your Iced Coffee okay. The cake and the donuts will have to wait till I come back from 'hunting' (hunting for recipe la... bukan hunting wild boars like your Mr Oscar)! Hehehe.... Alamak Uncle Lee, you want to come over by bus eh? Like that aa, my Iced Coffee jadi air putih ajelah, all melted already! Hahaha...

  23. mama.. pasal tersalah taip resepi tu.. it's okay... biasalah kesilapan yg tak disengajakan.. luv u mama...!

  24. MaDiHaA :

    Tu la, dah excited bebenor nak update, sampai salah resepi ditaipnya! Haha..

  25. Mamafami....ayu minta izin copy ya....cedaaaap recipe ni...marbeles.....:)Thanks mama.....


Please feel free to drop a comment or two... much appreciated... thank you!