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Monday, March 9, 2009

The story of my cupcakes

As you all know, I baked and decorate cupcakes just for my own pleasure and to make those who ordered happy as well. Like I always said..
.....hope you'll enjoy the cupcakes as much as I've enjoyed preparing them...

But recently, I had a cancellation of order from Qistina's mom. She had ordered 50 pieces cupcakes to bring to Qistina's kinder on the 2nd and another 50 pieces for Damia, Qistina's sister on the 6th. She cancelled the order for Damia after I made these for Qistina....

You must be wondering why? Do the cupcakes taste yucky? Or the design is horrible? Aha...according to her, both are not the actual reason. She cancelled the order to avoid headache! Hahaha. It seems, when she sent the cupcakes for Qistina, it had caused havoc in the class. The kids wanted their favourite design! Huhuhu.. So for Damia, she just treated them with KFC. To Qistina and Damia's mom, please accept my sincere apologies....

Lesson learnt : When preparing cupcakes for young kids, stick to the same design!

Yesterday, for the first time, I had my chance to try decorating a cake using edible image. I was so excited. Though the end result was far from great, but I am happy. Afterall, I have to start somewhere....Thank you Cikgu Sherina for ordering and a happy birthday to Emir.

And to Shahnaz, thank you for ordering....


  1. Oh Oh gorgeous cakes..... Iam really suprised by the cancellation order but by reading the reason Iam satisfied......

  2. huhuhu....tak tahan tengok brownies tu ma oiiii.....cantikkkkk...

  3. Wow i love them and that is kids for you.

  4. waaahh.....bisnes semakin maju dan laju!! Alhamdulillah. Best tengok kawan berjaya!!

  5. I love them and would be happy to eat all the left overs.. :)

  6. hahaha. That is really a funny story! But I totally understand those kids. I mean, I would pick my fav design too if i have a choice. I wouldn eat the design that i dont like. lol.

  7. wah.. cantiknya cup cake.. esp. yg kartun ben 10 tu..

    re: ayam penyet mmg sedap.. sampai serdak pun makan.. ayam di diaorg penyetkan dulu sampai patah tulang.. lepas tu goreng.. :)

  8. mama....teringin sangat nk belajar buat kek cup ni...entah bila la..imah nk cuba buat,,ihihiihi,duk jepun ni..macam2 nk makan..klu kat msia dulu..xteringin pulak nk makan...

  9. Its true,kids can get really picky sometimes.Love all the artistic icing:)

  10. >> it takes creativity to come up with something like this...:D

  11. thanks for dropping by...u r my mentor actually..i admire ur foods...especially breads....

  12. Kitchen Flavours :
    That's why, not all the times, what we intend to do will come out the way we had hoped for...

    maklang azie :
    Mana leh celen brownies Mak Lang!

    Happy cook :
    Thank you dear

    Muna :
    Tak adalah Muna... just these few je...alhamdulillah

    dabooklady :
    Unfortunately, there are not leftovers my dear... haha...

    Salt N Turmeric :
    Psstt.... me too! ;)

    stROZze :
    Terima kasih ye.
    Oh ala, kesiannya ayam tu didera! Hehehe...gurau je!

    wan fatimah wan hussain :
    Biasalah tu, kalau di depan mata, tak heran, kalau dah susah nak digapai, masa tu la baru keinginan datang kan...

    Yasmeen :
    Thanks dear. Next time, when doing cupcakes for kids, I must think like a kid too huh?

    n33ma :

    jeff :
    Thanks bro. Jangan puji bebanyak, nanti kembang tak muat pintu! Hahaha...

    Dyah :
    Thanks dear. I still have loads to learn.

  13. Mamafami

    You tinggal kay area mana? I am intersted to order esp. Ben10 cake tu.

  14. then what did u do with those lovely cuppies ma? hiks kalu tangan nak jadik tuu wat apa pun molekk maa

  15. Salam MamaFaMi, when D baca your story its really true sebab budak2 akan really go for the design yang mereka mahukan... but really your cuppies facial expression are so well done ... D pun jatuh cinta.. itu nak ini pun nak... very lawa laa Mama...

  16. I can see why the kids went I want all to myself..

  17. Ydiana :
    Hi Ydiana...I am at Putra Heights

    kucai :
    Those cuppies went to Qistina's kinder and created the commotion. That's why there's no more cuppies order from Qistina's mom after that! Hahaha....

    Diana :
    Waalaikumussalam D. Thanks for your kind words ya. Gambar facial tu pun, idea spontan je, ikut gerak tangan mama ler apa nak jadi... ahaks...

    MAK TEH :
    Oh me oh my..... sabar Mak Teh...sabarrrr... hehehe...

  18. Olá, Bom Dia!

    Tenho um "mimo" para você, venha conferir!
    Recebi da amiga Néa, e quero retribuir as minhas amigas...

    Um forte Abraço Carinhoso!


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