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Friday, August 31, 2007

Blueberry Shortbread


Ingredients :

200 g butter
100 g sugar
200 g plain flour
100 g corn flour or rice flour (I used cornflour)
Blueberry emulco
Blueberry coloring

Method :

1. Cream butter and sugar until light and soft.
2. Add in blueberry emulco and blueberry coloring.
3. Finally, work in the flours.
4. Cut using any desired cutters.
5. Arrange on a tray layered with greaseproof paper.
6. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 160 C for 30 minutes or till done.

* Thanks for the idea Muna!


  1. ooo...baru jumpa rumah baru Mama!! Fantastic! Food looks never cease to amaze me.

  2. awat la susah nak leave a comment kat sini...

  3. Muna :
    Ala rumah baru mama ni, sekadar suka-suka je. Dan kiranya macam my notes la. Normally lepas cuba satu resipi, mama tepek sini dulu untuk back up sebab kat dalam blog ni, mama tak de citer apa-apa sangat. Straight to the recipe, so tak yahlah nak dok crack my head nak pikir apa nak mengomel..hehehe... Hah? Susah nak boh komen? Tak dapeklah den nak nolong! Anyway, this cookie oso got stori u know.. u wait forever i story later aa!

  4. mama blajar buat kek n biskut ni kat maner? semua nmpak sedap.tak tahu maner satu yg nak buat dulu...hmmm...sedapnyer...


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