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Friday, July 27, 2007

A lil' bout me!

I shall start with..........

Today, Friday 27th July, 2007, I started this blog....or shall I say....TRYING to start a blog of my own. I hope I'll manage...............
I am just a simple housewife, with two kids and an understanding hubby. Love my 'job' very much especially in the 'kitchen' department and the 'laundry' department.

Likes to write though at times, I don't really know what was I blabbering about! And mind my grammar, please! Hahaha!

Anyway, in this blog, I wish to share whatever 'experiments' that I've done in my little kitchen. Who knows it might trigger your interest towards cooking and baking. I am NOT AT ALL a good cook, but I just love experimenting.....I am more towards baking rather than cooking. I cook because I have to feed my family and also, because I love to eat....But when baking is concerned, the love is just to bake but not to eat!!! Psst...anybody wants to be my neighbour? Hahahaha...

Well, I guess this is it for my first entry...let me just cool down from my excitement....


  1. Assalamualaikum...
    tok..tok..tok...sapa di dalam..saya di luar.:)
    Congrats!! Selamat mem'blog'!!
    Walaupun diri ini orang nomot dua baca (excuse the nomot 1..muahahaha) tapi mau jadi orang nomot 1 bagi comment..hehe...

  2. hahaha..good mama!! kinda progressing!! ahahaha mind my grammar!!kiut laa bear tu..lg kiut kalau ada mknn!!

  3. ma..lupa nk ckp td..utk SHOUTBOX kat tepi cuba g link nih.. kat situ ma hanya perlu daftar dan choose laa template mana ma nk pakai..then bila dh abih sgala proses register..mama kene follow instruction dia..customize blog mama..edit template tepi tu..choose shoutbox(dia ada terangkan kat website shoutbox tu) then mama kene paste html coding dia..then just update cam biasa..insyaAllah ok..try ok..mama pandai!! yeay!! haha..

  4. ERNA :
    Waalaikumussalam. Adei, orang pasang loceng ting tong, awatnya gi ketuk pintu...

    Thank you thank you...rajin-rajinlah melawat blog merapu mama ni nanti ye...

    BEING ME :
    Terima kasih daun keladi, nanti nanti ajar lagi...

  5. Intan..nnt ajar gue jugak!!!
    Tapi nak blog pasai apa tak tau..muahahaha....

  6. Erna :
    Ada gak tu nak enterpremmm!!!! Hahaha...

  7. wahh dah ade blog ;-) selamat memblog mama!

  8. congratulation dear

    mind my grammar lah ya......he he


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