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Friday, July 15, 2011

Tauhu Bakar Sempoi


Every time I open the picture folders in my laptop, I will say... I must re-arrange the folder... I must delete the unwanted photos... I must this... I must that... But the true fact is, till today, the folders remain the same except the photos in them are getting more and more each day!!! And everytime I wanted to start doing it, the mind will say... it'll take ages to clear everything... and that puts me off.

But I guess, I have to do something soon before I am forced to do it!!! Huhuhu.... But when will that be?



Now who is lazy but feel like eating tahu bakar without much hassle? Follow me!

Posted by MamaFaMi

Ingredients :

3 pieces tau fu
1/2 cucumber - jullienned
1/2 water chestnut (sengkuang) - jullienned
enough bean sprout (taugeh) - blanched
3 tablespoons sambal rojak
a bit of warm water
1 tablespoon roasted ground peanuts (I bought the readymade ones. Makes my job much easier!)

Method :

1. Place the tau fu on a non stick pan over medium heat. Grill till brownish in color, both sides of the taufu.
2. Remove from heat and slice or cut into chunks.
3. Place on a plate, with the cucumber, water chestnut and bean sprouts.
4. Mix the sambal rojak with warm water till slightly thin.
5. Pour over the tau fu.
6. Sprinkle with some coarsely ground peanuts.
7. Ready to serve.

Have a nice and lovely weekend!


  1. sedapnya tauhu bakar tu mama...memang sempoi tu...ada kuah rojak lak tu..ishhh terliurla..:)

  2. typing a note in my hp bout buying sambal rojak! haha..
    how come tun x penah jumpa ready made ground peanuts? beli kacang ngan nyin pastu tumbuk2 laa.. hihi

  3. rasanya.. bila pc mama dah berat barulah mama akan buang unwanted photos tu semer.. hehehe...
    tauhu2 ni mmg suka sesangat... terliurnyerr..

  4. Assalamualaikum mama...
    sedapnya tauhu bakar tu mama... tgk pic tu mmg x tahan d buat nya ler.. sedapnya

  5. Ok, saya ada 1 idea. Kalau MamaFaMi nak buang gambar tu apa kata buang 10 atau 20 gambar setiap kali bukak.
    Tak lah makan masa lama kan. Betul ke?

    Tauhu bakar tu, wau! Sedaap dan simple plak nak buat dia. Thanks for sharing. Sebenarnya sy belum pernah makan tauhu bakar ;)

  6. Assalamualaikum....

    Lin Selalu Makan Tahu Bakar Kat Kedai Jer Ma...Malas Nak Masak...Hahaha

  7. tengok tauhu bakar mama ni teringat pasemboq kat kg...sedappp
    boleh jadi idea ni..


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