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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What you can do if you have blood pressure problem

Thank you to Amelia of Amelia De-ssert for your kind email regarding my blood pressure. Let me just post it here for my future reference as I might delete the email by accident. Who knows, it might be of some help to others as well. Thanks again kawan...muahzzzz....

1. Reduce your salt
2. Reduce carbohydrate
3. Drink green tea
4. Drink at least 10 cups of water daily
5. Try to take whole meal bread
6. Take basmati rice or brown rice. For brown rice soak for 2 hours then steam it, taste better.
7. Drink star fruit or guava juice but do not store in fridge. Drink immediately cos it'll oxidize.
8. And don't forget to exercise, even go for a 1/2 hour walk is better than nothing.
9. Don't stay up too late, need sufficient amount of sleep.

Won't be posting any recipes in this entry, just photos of what I had done during my absence in the cyberworld.

Fatin's bento

Fatin's Mini Pepperoni Pizza

Thank you Hanita

Hanita's too... thank you

For Mak Chu and Cik Oni

Have a nice day!


  1. Blend 1 green apple and 1 stack celery and drink the juice every day... insyallah...

  2. terima kasih berkongsi petua..........
    no. 9 tu memang btl.. skrg dah tak boleh nak berjaga hingga awal pagi (bereksperimen di dapur atau siapkan order).. kalau buat juga cukup 3 hari berturut2 memang terus ting tong takleh berdiri atau berjalan dgn betul.. hoyong hayang & nak ptam & kdg terasa nak vomit... pheww...!

    harap mama sihat2 selalu ye.. jgn culas mkn ubat..

  3. Assalamu'alaikum mama... Amalkan minum teh sudan/roselle pun dapat bantu turunkan high blood pressure.. Insya allah..

    Semoga Mama bertambah sihat dan ceria selalu..

  4. terima kasih kerana kongsi info yang berguna..Insyallah yang no 1-8 ok je tetapi no 9 tu susah sikit.Insyallah boleh cuba perlahan lahan..tidur awal...

  5. Hi Mama Fami, thank you for the shout out. *Malu I*
    Actually banyak petua lagi tapi apa I share are all very simple and easy to follow especially for those working full time. Balik nak masak, nak kemas umah, jaga anak..... not enough rest all can lead to high BP.

    Take care cayang, muahhhzzzz....
    Have a great week ahead.

  6. As'kum MamaFami cayang.. Waduhh memacam yang MamaFami baking... cantik dan menyelerakan.. nak2 tang roti yang berkilat tu waduuhhh bisa ngencess jadinya... :))

  7. Selamat pagi Mama Fami,
    terima kasioh kongsi info rtentang blood pressure tu,
    Cantik berkilat roti untuk Mak Chi & Cik Oni tu...

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