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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Parpu Telur


Assalamualaikum to all. It's been a while since I blabber in here. Maybe, there are people who are relieved with this situation. No grandmother stories from this old lady! Hahaha...

Not that I don't miss writing, but actually time wasn't on my side especially this week. My week pattern normally follows the Monday flow. I had visitors on Monday. So, yesterday and today, I had visitors too. And even this coming Friday, I am expecting a few guest. We'll see about tomorrow. Oh yes, according to plan, I'll be expecting the consignment guys to come and deliver some boxes for my friend. And maybe the PosLaju guys as well. Saturday, will be expecting Mak Chu and Pak Chu! Wow, what a great week!


For today's lunch, I had cooked my mother's favourite dish. Parpu Telur. The first time I made this recipe was years back, when we were still in Malawi. Thank you to Inai of Forum Cari for sharing this recipe with us. Speaking of Forum Cari, it's been a while since I paid them a visit. Thanks to Forum Cari...because of them MamaFaMi existed!

Source : Inai of Forum Cari

Ingredients A :

1/4 cup dhall ~ soaked 2 to 3 hours
Ginger ~ pounded
Shallots ~ pounded
Garlic ~ pounded
3 potatoes ~ cleaned and cut into half
2 eggs
coconut milk
tumeric powder

Ingredients B :

1/2 onion ~ sliced
6 curry leaves
1 - 2 dried chillie ~ cut into 1 inch
1/4 teaspoon mustard seeds (didn't put in just now, out of stock!)
1/2 teaspoon fennel

Method :

1. Boil dhall till soft then add in the potatoes. Keep boiling till potatoes are soft.
2. Add in the pounded ingredients, tumeric powder and salt.
3. Add in the coconut milk and crack the eggs. Do not stir too much. Let the eggs cooked and remove from heat. (I used hard boiled eggs)
4. In a small pan, heat oil and fry all the ingredients B till fragrant.
5. Pour into the dhall together with the oil.
6. Ready to serve.


  1. Salam Mama...waaah Parpu..Parpu tu apa ma...hehee...nampak best jek..cicah dgn roti canai sedap gak ni kot Ma eh...Mama sihat? Lama x nmpak Mama kat dapur ya Ma..rindu dgn gurau senda mu itu...huhuu

  2. Slm Mama..
    emmm... tak pernah try masakan ni.. Selalu kcg dhal masak dgn sayuran & daging.. Bagus jugak kan dipelbagaikan resepinya...

  3. salam mama,
    apa kabar? lama sy tak singgah sini, harap mama sehat ya :)

    wah, sedapya parpu telur tu...

  4. Expect makchu only.... :D Going separate cars coz nenek cant share cars with the 'grandchildren'... Ahaks....

  5. salam perkenalan mama=)
    lame dah saye cari resepi ni...akhirnye jmpe jgk..hihihi
    best ni mkn ngan roti canai=)
    tq mama=)


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