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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Grilled Lemon-Rosemary Chicken

Last 21st June, 2009 was Father's Day. Though it has already past, let me just wish all the fathers a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY. Better late than never. But to me, everyday is Father's Day because I am sure, everyday we'll love our dad more and more, right.

Though abah is no longer with us, I still feel his presence, his love and the memories will stay fresh forever in my heart. My abah is the best in the world. He's so loving, so gentle, so caring, so soft spoken and he has the heart of a gold. At times when I am baking alone in the kitchen, I feel as if he's there with me, accompanying me as he used to do before. Abah likes to stay in the kitchen when he knows that I am up to something. He'll sit patiently at the kitchen table, watching me 'playing' around with the flour and will wait until the end result is produced and served to him. I really miss all those good ol' times. I am sure, if he's still with us, I won't be loosing my 'semangat' like what I am experiencing now....... Miss you abah.... miss you oh so dearly.......

Latest update on the tailor... Yesterday, on the way back from Subang Parade, we dropped by the tailor's shop. The last time we went, he had asked for another 3 days. We gave him more than a week. I didn't even bother to get out of the car this time! And as I well predicted, dearest hubby came back empty handed! I felt sorry for him...

In the previous entry, some had suggested me to call first before paying him a visit. How can I do so when the number he gave was someone else's number. Another had said, keep bothering him until he get bored seeing our face.... Well I think that won't work with this guy! He'll 'selamba-ly' makes promises after promises. Once hubby had said, maybe he has the intention of getting away with our money and material. He'll keep doing this until we're fed up and will just leave him alone.... I said to myself, maybe because hubby is soft with him. What if hubby has that 'Ah Long' look... I bet he'll work night and day to get the trousers done!!!

Oh God help me...

D.A.A.L.I.A came over to my place last Saturday to collect her chocolates. And see what she brought for me???

Yummy looking isn't it? How lucky I am to be appointed as her Black Forest Cake tester! Hahaha... Thanks Lea for the cake.... kalau nak suruh test apa-apa lagi...anto ler yek.... daku sedia berkhidmat! Muahahaha....

Okay, enough of my 'luahan rasa', we'll move on to the recipe to share today. Tried this chicken recipe when Fatin was at home during the school holidays. The way she eats, just makes me hungry. She has the same 'talent' as my mom. Whenever she eats, we feel like eating as well! Sorry, the photo is not so tempting as I was in a hurry. And other reason is, I don't know how to make a better presentation! That's the truth! Hahaha...

Source :


4 chicken breasts, boneless and skinless
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons, fresh lemon juice
1 tablespoon, fresh rosemary, minced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon black pepper

Method :

Place chicken breasts in a shallow glass dish or resealable plastic bag. Combine rosemary, garlic, black pepper, olive oil, and salt in a small bowl. Pour mixture onto chicken, cover or seal, and place in refrigerator for 15-20 minutes. Preheat grill for medium-high heat. Place chicken breast on a lightly oiled grill rack and allow to cook for 7 minutes per side. When chicken is no longer pink and juices run clear, remove from heat and serve.

Take care everyone!


  1. dh lama nk try ayam rosemary nih! ishhh kecuq dh nih! heeee...

  2. wah! make sure to make one for me for our next visit soon!! hehe..


  3. I love lemon and rosemary! I bet they are awesome together..

  4. mama, bila nak online? apa citer tailor tu?

  5. Assalamualaikum... i luvs to drop by looking at yr recipes... so yummy and delicious.

    I want to give you Award for your beautiful blog. Please take yr award at my website. Tk you dear.

  6. amboi mama..untungnyer jadi tester kek nih..siap dapat sebijik pulak tu..jeles i..;)

  7. slm mamafami.. nnti sudi2kanlah amik award kat umah kita yer!

  8. sedapnya....bila boleh buat...

  9. Ha tailors.......cake looks droooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool that spicy and herby chicken...yum.....

  10. Hi, Fisrt time around here. You have a wonderful blog. Surely will re-visit,to try your recipes.
    keep rocking.

  11. The chicken sounds delicious. What a gorgeous cake!

  12. >> kek atau ayam...?
    >> kek atau ayam...?
    >> pilih dua dua la...:D

  13. oo ayam ni dah lama teringin nak buat, tapi M. hehe. kesian la seluar papafami tu... mmg susah nak cari tailor best.

  14. salam mama...apa kabar..?to tell u the truth, saya dah lama tak jenguk blog/fp mama...sbbnya, dulu tak de streamyx connection kat tempat baru..skarang dah ada 2 anak nih asyik bz kerja n study lg....masak2 pun dah slow je..rindu nak try resipi mama but i don't have the time..huuu....all the best to u...!

  15. hye mamafami...
    nyum nyum...
    sedapnya ayam tu...
    lapar plak tgk tgh2 puasa ni..

  16. Mmmmmm....Rinn nak jadik tester lemon rosemary chicken mama lah.

  17. thanks Mama for the recipe, kat rmh ada tanam rosemary, boleh le try nanti. Nampak simple kan . take care.

  18. Sally :
    Alamak, tak dapeklah den nak nolong....

    hana :
    Ma pun, finally baru try. Dari masa orang promote dulu dok kata nak buat, tak terbuat-buat hingga kini....

    tunfrida :
    Alamak, bunyi cam samurai je! Hehehehe...

    ellie ellieana :
    No problem, Nandos here I come! Hahahaha....

    peachkins♥ :
    Indeed they are!

    Salt N Turmeric :
    I'm always online only at times ada infront of the laptop but most of the time tak ada. Hehehe... Tailor tu hidup lagi cuma seluar hubby je lom nampak bayang!

    hani :
    Waalaikumussalam my dear. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the lovely award. Mama dah gantung lawa lawa dah ye....

    eiyda :
    Ahaks... jangan jeles! Rezeki mama tuuuu

    hana :
    Waalaikumussalam Hana... terima kasih banyak-banyak ye.... Budi mu ku kenang...

    maklang :
    Mak Lang kalau buat, GARENTI lagi sedap!

    Kitchen Flavours :
    Yummy for the tummy Lubna!

    Cilantro :
    Thanks for dropping by!

    Donna :
    Thanks for your kind words

    jeff :
    Ye la bro, lepas makan ayam, makan kek ler for dessert! Pas tu tidor! Hehehe....

    kucingorengemok :
    Tak pe, sementara ada kudrat nak pergi jalan jalan cari makan, tok sahlah buat dulu. Hehehe... Tu la kan, kita ingat nak tolong orang, tapi it seems, dia tak mau kita tolong rupanya.... Lepas ni, tak de la kottt......

    Dr Ezura :
    Waalaikumussalam Ezura. Mama ni alhamdulillah sihat. Biasalah dah berbaby kecil kan, mestilah masa terhad. Wah, rajinnya study lagi. All the best.

    Hunny and Dyan :
    Hye! Lenkali poser poser jangan merayap blog makanan. Nanti perut tu buat lagu rock tau!

    rinnchan :
    Jap jap... rosemary chicken mamaZIEZA eh? Silakanlah... ahakss.... Mamazieza, kita passing baton eh!

    Min :
    Most welcome dear. Wah, rajinnya bercucuk tanam. Mama ni, tanam apa pun semuanya KO je. Tangan panas sangat ke apa ke, tak tahulah!


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