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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Peach Cheese Cake

Source : Jasrinameza from Forum.Cari.Com.My
Preparation time : 1 hour

Ingredients :

20pcs Marie biscuit
150g butter

2 bars (500g) Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla essence 3 peach halves ~ diced

Method :

1. Crush the biscuit. If you like it fine, then roll using a rolling pin.
2. Add in butter and mix well. Mixture must not be too dry or too wet.
3. Line the tray with aluminium foil. Press the base onto the aluminium foil.
4. Put in the fridge while preparing the filling. 5. Boil the water in the steamer.

1. Beat Philadelphia Cream Cheese.
2. Add in sugar. If you prefer sweet, you can add more sugar, ex 1 mug instead of 1 cup.
3. Add in vanilla essence. Mix well.
4. Add in the diced peaches.
5. Pour the mixture onto the base.
6. Cover the baking pan with aluminium foil.
7. Steam for 45 minutes.
8. Remove from heat and let it cool. Keep in the fridge for at least 2 hours before cutting. The longer the better.
9. Enjoy!

Note :
1. I don't have Marie biscuits, so I just used whatever biscuit available.
2. I made using only 1 bar of Philadelphia because that's the only bar available in the freezer.
3. I didn't add more sugar. I used 1 cup.
4. I put extra peaches to give it a more tangy taste.
5. Just in case your steamer ran out of water while steaming, add HOT water.


  1. fuyooo...ari tu masuk, mama cuti lagik..ari ni masuk, dua skali..ambik ko! sedapnyer ciskek..bila nk wat kek lagi ni..mama punyer ni ade lagi x..? hehe

  2. mama, ila dah try dah recipe ni...memang sedap n yummyyyy

  3. Jun :) :
    Itulah namanya...bila mood rajin menjelang tiba! Ahakss......Ciskek mama tu, dah long time gone dah! Mama pun nak makan gak, tapi tak ler rajin rajin nak buat...

    ila de cute :
    Thanks sebab sudi mencuba ye Ila...


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